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The South Windsor Kennel Club, Inc. (SWKC) was founded in early 1971 by a group of dog fanciers to serve the dog fancy in South Windsor and surrounding towns east of the Connecticut River.  We are  a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds and interests with a common thread that binds us together...the love of and commitment to the Sport of Purebred Dogs.

Our dogs are so much more than just lifelong friends and companions. They are working dogs, hunting dogs, tracking dogs, obedience dogs, agility dogs, therapy dogs, competition and performance dogs, trick dogs, show dogs,  and, of course, most importantly and no matter the size, lap dogs! So, we each work towards the betterment of our respective breeds through careful breeding, pedigree research, health testing and puppy placement. It is important to remember that the health testing performed by purebred dog breeders benefits science and research and is beneficial to all dogs. We work to protect the interest of all canines and their owners, and we oppose legislation that threatens our rights as dog owners. We offer education on purebred dogs and general dog care. We promote responsible dog ownership and work to secure the continuation of our beloved sport. 



The South Windsor Kennel Club is strongly committed to community service and public education, and members participate in many activities throughout the year to promote responsible dog ownership. Some of these activities include:

  • Spring Fun Match, Spring Conformation Show and Fall Conformation Show

  • South Windsor Kennel Club scholarship at the University of Connecticut

  • AKC Book of Dogs & other relevant books donated to local libraries and veterinarians

  • Exhibitions and visits to local nursing homes

  • Seminars and education on dog related subjects

  • Participation in the Legislative Process To Protect the Ownership Rights of Dog Owners

  • Participation in Meet The Breed and other Public Education Venues

  • Participation at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts every fall

        ...And many other activities. Check our Events Page for more information.

A Bit of History

  • Spring of 1971
    First SWKC Match Show at Shepard Tobacco Yard in the town of South Windsor.


  • July 1981
    First SWKC All-Breed Show at the Tolland Agricultural Center in Vernon.


  • November 1981
    Second Annual All-Breed Show in conjunction with Springfield and Windham County Kennel Clubs. This event has evolved into the Great Thanksgiving Classic Cluster of dog shows, the largest and one of the most prestigious dog events in the Northeast.



  • December 1994
    South Windsor Kennel Club, Inc. was elected a member of the American Kennel Club.


  • 1998 and 2001
    Received the American Kennel Club Community Achievement Award.


  • 2015   SWKC President Peggy Wampold received the AKC Visionary Award for Outstanding Contribution

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