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Unfortunately, we did not get many photos of our 2016 and 2017 Events,  even though we participated in all of the same events as in prior years (with the exception of the Pet Expo which was taken over by another firm in 2017 and the event changed to a Dogs Welcome format and Meet The Parades was replaced by an informal Parade of Breeds).
South Windsor Kennel Club Show at the Thanksgiving Cluster
November 2017
Meet The Breeds At The Big E September & October
2015 Meet The Breeds at the Pet Expo
Hartford Convention Center - Hartford, CT
October 24 & 25, 2015 

Posted by Heidi Clark on the AKC website on November 2, 2015: Last weekend the South Windsor Kennel Club, Farmington Valley Kennel Club, and Windham County Kennel Club hosted the morning hospitality and lunch for all the participants of the Meet the Breeds. Members from almost all of the area clubs participated in the Connecticut Pet Expo & Meet the Breeds event in Hartford, Connecticut. This event was put on by the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners, Inc. and their member AKC Kennel Clubs, the weekend was packed with events. On Saturday Oct. 24, Windham County Kennel Club's Ed Lyons headed presentations by the the ToyHoundWorking, and Herding groups from noon to 3 p.m., while Dr. Tom Davies headed presentations by the TerrierSporting, and Non-Sporting groups on Oct. 25. This successful two-day event broke an attendance record and was a great way for the clubs to mingle with the general public and educate attendees on the purebred dog. [Ed. Note: the event was also sponsored by the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs, Inc.]

Meet The Breeds At The Big E September & October, 2015
Connecticut Day Parade
Big E
September 23, 2015
Town of South Windsor
Memorial Day Parade
May 25, 2015
South Windsor Kennel Club
Match Extravaganza 
May 23, 2015
South Windsor Kennel Club at Paws In The Park, South Windsor May 2, 2015
South Windsor Kennel Club Spring Show - April 19, 2015